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Aesthetic surgery of the nose, natural effect

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Cosmetic surgery

Injections of botox and hyaluronic acid, peels, soft and modern techniques

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Facial surgery, face lift, eyelid surgery, otoplasty

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Cosmetic Surgery Women

Chirurgie intime, augmentation mammaire, liposuccion, silhouette, seins et fesses

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Cosmetic surgery Men

Penoplasty, liposuction, gynecomastia

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Aesthetic Medicine Paris Man / Woman

Welcome to the website of Dr Adel LOUAFI, Cosmetic Surgeon in Paris, board certified in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery DESC who is a member of the French College for Cosmetic Surgery. A lot of patients are looking for a certified cosmetic surgeon in Paris with qualifications that allow them to carry out breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, ptosis breast, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, otoplasty or a simple Botox injection. Would you like information on Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine? Are you dissatisfied with your body or your face and would like to learn about the latest surgical techniques? Would you like to undergo cosmetic surgery or an act of cosmetic medicine performed safely by a qualified specialist in cosmetic surgery certified by the French General Medical Council? Like many patients you are wondering how to find a good plastic surgeon? You would especially like to trust yourself to a cosmetic surgeon who will listen to you at all times, who will propose solutions that are modern, reliable, natural and specifically adapted to your particular need and who will be at your side all through the process; before, during and after the operation?
Welcome to Dr LOUAFI’s website, Cosmetic Surgeon in Paris.


Cosmetic surgery today uses new techniques that are safer and easier on the patients. Dr Adel LOUAFI is a cosmetic surgeon in Paris, DESC certified in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He is attentive to your needs and desires and will propose solutions adapted to your particular case be it in cosmetic surgery or cosmetic medicine.

There exist not one but many cosmetic surgeries because each and every patient is different. The first cosmetic surgery consultation is pivotal moment where the patient tells his story and where listening and verbal exchange are primordial. Dr LOUAFI will respond to your need professionally. He has been the Head of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery clinics in a number of surgical departments in hospitals of historic renown in Paris. (Department of cosmetic and reparative surgery of the Saint Louis Hospital in Paris, Department of plastic and paediatric reparative surgery of the Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital). He has taught cosmetic and plastic surgery to surgical and medical students (hospital interns and externs) at the hospital, at the university and the School of Surgery in Paris. Dr Adel LOUAFI practices all the technics of cosmetic surgery and medicine:

  • Cosmetic breast surgery: Cosmetic surgeon in Paris specialist in breast augmentation, mammary prosthesis, breast implants, mammary hypertrophy, breast reduction, tubular breasts, treatment of mammary ptosis, mammoplasty, bilateral mastoplasty reduction, mastopexy, cosmetic surgery of sagging breasts, mammary asymmetry, mammary malformation
  • Cosmetic surgery of the abdomen: Cosmetic surgeon in Paris specialist in abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, treatment of diastasis, cosmetics of the abdominal wall, lipoaspiration of the abdomen, liposuction of the abdomen
  • Cosmetic surgery of the silhouette: Cosmetic surgeon in Paris specialist in liposuction, lipoaspiration, liposculpture, syringe liposuction, syringe lipoaspiration, brachioplasty, arm lift, thigh lift, cruroplasty
  • Cosmetic surgery of the face: Cosmetic surgeon in Paris specialist in cervico-facial lift, neck lift, face lift, mini-lift, blepharoplasty, cosmetic surgery of the eyelids, cosmetic rhinoplasty, cosmetic surgery of the nose, septo-rhinoplasty, septoplasty, deviation of the nostrils, nose hump, protruding ears, otoplasty
  • Female genital cosmetic surgery: Cosmetic surgeon in Paris specialist in nymphoplasty, cosmetic surgery of the outer labia, labial reduction surgery, hymenoplasty, hymen restoration surgery
  • Male genital cosmetic surgery: Cosmetic surgeon in Paris specialist in lipo-filling of the penis, penis enlargement surgery, and penis lengthening surgery
  • Cosmetic medicine: Cosmetic surgeon in Paris specialist in hyaluronic acid, Botox, Juvederm, botulinum toxin, lips injections

Existing modern cosmetic surgery techniques ensure safety and comfort. Dr Adel LOUAFI operates in certified cosmetic surgery clinics, which ensure maximal safety and wellbeing.