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Top 10 questions and answers about breast augmentation by use of mammary prostheses:

Augmentation mammaire après
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Breast augmentation, performed by a cosmetic surgeon in Paris is a sure and commonly practiced mammary surgery. The breast augmentation operation by mammary prostheses or mammary implants consists of the implantation of a mammary prosthesis to increase the size of the breast. A cosmetic surgeon in Paris invites you to discover the rates, fees and photos for breast implants in Paris. For breast augmentation in Paris, the implant will either contain silicone or saline solution. You will find here above a photo of breast augmentation.

1 – Breast augmentation: silicone implants or saline solution implants?

It can be done by implants containing either saline solution or silicon. The silicone implants have a more natural feel to the touch while saline solution implants may deflate with time. Silicone implants need to be carefully monitored.

2 – What are the scars from breast augmentation?

There are four discreet scars that result from breast augmentation. These include:

  • periareolar situated at the areola, it is the most common scar
  • axillary, under the arm with the breast implant placed under the muscle
  • inframammary, located in the crease which is rare and used only for very large implants
  • microscar for saline solution implants

3 – Placement of the implant: above or under the muscle?

Mammary prostheses can be placed above or under the muscle. The implant is placed above the muscle if there is sufficient mammary tissue. In the opposite case where there are little or no mammary glands, the implant is placed under the muscle.

4 – Is pregnancy and breastfeeding possible after breast augmentation surgery? Is there a higher risk of breast cancer?

A post breast augmentation surgery pregnancy is possible without danger to the patient and the baby but it is recommended that you wait at least 6 months after the operation. Breastfeeding is not dangerous after breast augmentation and remains possible in most cases. According to available information, breast augmentation surgery does not increase the risk of breast cancer even where silicone implants have been used.

Specific risks will be detailed and explained during the consultation.

5 – How long does a breast augmentation operation take

Breast augmentation takes about 1 hour.

6 – What is the normal length of stay in the clinic after breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is ambulatory, you come in in the morning and leave in the evening or you stay 1 night.

7 – Is breast augmentation painful?

Mammary implants placed above the muscle are mildly painful. When placed under the muscle, stronger pain medication may be necessary. Breast augmentation surgery takes place under general anaesthesia so you will feel nothing during the operation.

8 – What is the lifespan of breast implants? Must the surgery be renewed every 10 years?

In some cases, breast implants may be placed for life without the need to change them. Should there be a leak or should the patient react to the implant (shell), it may be necessary to change the breast implant. In general, breast implants have a 10-year lifespan.

9 – Is breast augmentation possible without surgery?

Yes it is but the volume of the augmentation will be limited. The augmentation is achieved through the use of hyaluronic acid (Macrolane), which is slowly reabsorbed. It is therefore necessary to redo it every year. The cost of this method of breast augmentation is approximately the same as for augmentation by implants.

10 – What is the cost for breast augmentation? Is this surgery covered by the social security? Do you offer payment plans?

Rates for breast augmentation which include surgery, anaesthesia, clinic charges and one year post operation monitoring:

  • Cost of saline solution implant breast augmentation : 4200-4500 euros
  • Cost of silicone implant breast augmentation : 4600-5200 euros
  • Above the muscle: 4600-5200 euros:
    • Cost of silicone implant breast augmentation trans-areola: 4600-5200 euros
    • Cost of silicone implant breast augmentation trans-axillary: 4600-5200 euros
  • Under the muscle: 4600-5200 euros
    • Cost of silicone implant breast augmentation trans-areola: 4600-5200 euros
    • Cost of silicone implant breast augmentation trans-axillary: 4600-5200 euros
  • Rates for breast augmentation silicone or saline solution implants in Dual Plane (double plane or bi-plane): 4600-5200 euros

The rates for breast augmentation start at 4200 euros. Each patient gets a personalized invoice at the consultation with the surgeon. The fees indicated in the invoice are contractual. The quoted rates cover every aspect of the surgery including a year’s post operation monitoring. It gives the fee for the breast augmentation surgery, the clinic charges, the anaesthetic charges and the price of the implants. All cosmetic surgery is not covered by the social security. Changing of implants due to leaks or a problem with the shell is not covered by in the quote; a new invoice would need to be drawn up.

In some rare cases of congenital breast malformations (tubular breasts, amastia…) partial cover by the social security is possible. Please find all the rates for cosmetic surgery with Dr Louafi on this website. (Estimated rates from…).

In conclusion, breast augmentation by mammary implants is a straightforward operation which gives very good to excellent results in a majority of the cases in terms of functional benefits both physical and psychological. Like for all surgery it presents a risk of complications even though the risk is very low when the operation is performed meticulously and professionally. One must therefore ensure that they choose a qualified board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon who will not only perform the surgery but will also ensure post operation monitoring. A surgeon who will accompany you all through the process: before, during and after the operation.

Information on Breast Augmentation

  • Breast augmentation photos volume and cup sizes included: Breast augmentation photos before and after

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