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Top 10 questions and answers about breast reconstruction:

Breast reconstruction, performed by a cosmetic surgeon in Paris is a commonly practiced and sure operation. A cosmetic surgeon in Paris, specialist in mammary surgery invites you to discover the rates, fees and before/after photos for breast reconstruction and information on breast reconstruction by prosthesis and by tissue flap in Paris. Breast reconstruction surgery by prosthesis or tissue flap with or without prosthesis involves the restoration of the shape and size of the breast. For breast reconstruction silicone or saline solution breast prostheses may be used. Please find here above a before/after photo of surgical breast reconstruction by use of prostheses.

1 – What procedures are there for breast reconstruction?

There are two main procedures for breast reconstruction: with the use of a breast implant, or a tissue flap. A tissue flap is a section of your own skin, fat, and muscle that is moved from your tummy, back, or another area of your body to the chest area.

2 – What tissue flaps are used in breast reconstruction?

The 2 most common types of tissue flap surgeries are the TRAM flap (or transverse rectus abdominis muscle flap), which uses tissue from the tummy area (Taylor, DIEP), and the latissimus dorsi flap, which uses tissue from the upper back. Tissue flaps from other parts of the body are used less frequently.

3 – How is the choice made for breast reconstruction by implant or by tissue flap?

Reconstruction by use of a breast implant is more straightforward and is proposed as a first option. If the skin has been damaged by radiotherapy reconstruction will need to be done by use of tissue flaps. The most commonly used tissue flap is the dorsal flap.

4 – How many operations are necessary for breast reconstruction?

Generally, 2 to 3 operations may be necessary. Operations to improve the appearance of the breast may be undertaken later on after the initial reconstruction. The initial operation involves the reconstruction of the size and shape of the breast by implant or tissue flap. The second operation involves the reconstruction of the nipple and the areola and also to match the appearance of the reconstructed breast to the other one.

5 – Is breast reconstruction surgery painful?

Breast reconstruction surgery may be painful in the days following the operation. In this case, appropriate pain medicine will be prescribed. The subsequent operations are generally less painful. The operations take place under general anaesthesia so you will not feel anything during the surgery.

6 – What is the length of the stay at the clinic for breast reconstruction surgery?

The length of stay in the clinic varies depending on the operation to be undertaken. For reconstruction by breast implant or a subsequent operation the stay is between 1 and 2 days. In the case of reconstruction by tissue flap, the stay is between 4 and 5 days.

7 – What is the lifespan of breast implants?

In some cases, breast implants may be placed for life without the need to change them. Should there be a leak or should the patient react to the implant (shell), it may be necessary to change the implant. In general, breast implants have a 10-year lifespan.

8 – What are the risks inherent to breast reconstruction surgery?

Performed by a board certified plastic surgeon qualified in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in a certified plastic surgery clinic, breast reconstruction surgery is commonly practiced and is considered a straightforward operation. Like in all surgery, complications are possible but rare. These are listed in the information flyer of the French Society for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. If properly managed, complications leave little or no trace. Post operation monitoring is therefore indispensable. Dr Louafi takes care of the post-operative monitoring of his patients.

Specific risks will be detailed and explained during the consultation.

9 – Is breast reconstruction obligatory after breast cancer?

Only the concerned patient can answer this question. Breast reconstruction is not obligatory in any way. It should however be noted that once the difficult phase of breast cancer treatment has been successfully completed, breast reconstruction makes it to improve or erase the physical traces of the disease. The reconstruction can serve to help the patient have a restored image of her body and femininity. It can also be a way for the patient to turn the page and look to the future. A mastectomy leaves deeper psychological scars than the physical ones. For this reason breast reconstruction is not only a physical restoration of the patient but also the doorway to a new beginning, to peace of mind and a future to be lived fully.

10 – How much does breast reconstruction cost?

The fee for breast reconstruction varies a lot. Clinical charges are paid in full by the social security. You will be left with the complementary surgeon and anaesthetist’s fees, which may be fully paid by your mutuelle depending on your contract with them. The complementary fees for surgery depend on the procedures to be used as well as the complexity of the reconstruction. These fees may be fully settled by your mutuelle. You may not have to pay anything, depending on your case, even if the operation takes place in a private clinic. Please find all the rates for cosmetic surgery with Dr Louafi at this website. (Estimated rates from…).

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