The rates for cosmetic surgery follow here below. The cost of cosmetic surgery, as practised by Dr Louafi, includes the following procedures among others:

Rates for a cosmetic surgery consultation: 90 euros
Rates for a consultation for reconstructive surgery: 23 à 90 euros

Rates for Cosmetic and Reparative Surgery with Dr Louafi
These rates for cosmetic surgery are given as an indication of the costs for surgery. After the initial consultation with the surgeon during which you will be clinically examined and complementary tests may be ordered, you will be given a personalized quote for the cost for your upcoming surgery. This quote will be contractually binding.

This quote will depend on several factors: the technical complexity of the surgical act for each particular case, the form of anaesthesia (general, sedation, neuroleptanagelsic and local), the length of stay in clinic (ambulatory…), the clinic, type of implant, where required, associated acts, how long it takes… This is why the quote is personalized for each patient.

The detailed quote is an integral part of the information given to the patient during the pre-operation consultations that precede surgery.

Given the financial difficulties of the Social Security, scrutiny of all operations covered by the social security has been reinforced and summons of concerned patients by the national health insurance has increased. A nationwide protocol for monitoring cosmetic surgery covered by the national health insurance was established on the 21 June 2007. Criteria for social security covered cosmetic surgery are very precise. Only the surgeon qualified in plastic, reparative and cosmetic surgery can present a case to the social security for cover.

The costs of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic medicine include the surgeon and anaesthetist’s fees, the implants and the fees for the clinic. These are “start from…” rates. Your detailed and personal quote is contractually binding. It is given to you in the pre-operation consultation.

The costs of reparative surgery include the clinical fees (fully and directly taken care of by the social security at 100%) and the complementary surgeon’s fees. Your mutuelle may take care of all of the fees depending on your contract with them. These are “start at…” rates. Your detailed and personal quote is contractually binding. It is given to you at the pre-operation consultation.

*For reparative surgery, the clinic stay, operation room fees and required implants are fully and directly covered by the national health insurance. The remaining complementary fees are to be paid by you but may be fully covered by your mutuelle depending on your contract with them.

** The operation may be 100% covered by your mutuelle or your private insurance. In the cases of reparative surgery after breast and skin cancers, the consultation fee for a specialist’s opinion is deducted from the quote and does not go over the set social security consultation rate.

Rates for Rhinoplasty in Paris
The rates for rhinoplasty take into account different factors. A personal and detailed quote is always given to the patient during the pre-surgery consultation.

As an indication :

  • The range of fees for cosmetic rhinoplasty in Paris varies depending on the operating surgeon. In general it is from 3000 to 6000 euros and may go as high as 8000 euros or even higher in some cases.
  • The fee for rhinoplasty performed by Dr Louafi, a cosmetic surgeon in Paris specialist in cosmetic surgery of the nose and the face, is based on what will need to be done and ranges from 2500 to 4900 euros.
  • The complementary fees for rhinoplasty surgery covered by the social security range from 1500 to 3000 euros.

These fees are just an indication of the going rates; there may be cases whose costs do not fall within the range. Only the personal quote or the information bill on complementary fees given at the pre-surgery consultation is contractually binding.

Current existing information on the cost of rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty in Paris shows varying rates. Given that rhinoplasty is cosmetic surgery, very precise and appropriate surgical acts are necessary in each case. There are different kinds of rhinoplasty: primary, secondary and ethnic among others.

Some surgeries concern the tip of the nose, some the alar cartilages with their lateral and medial crus, others the dorsum… It may be necessary in some cases to work with the septum or the nasal bone. Each surgical act in rhinoplasty must be precise with a defined end result. This is why rates for rhinoplasty vary greatly.

The surgeon’s notoriety is important especially for this cosmetic surgery that involves the face. How can one know if the surgeon is any good and how does one go about finding a good cosmetic surgeon? This is a common question asked by Internet users. As a matter of fact, high quotes on the one hand do not guarantee good results while very low quotes on the other hand should incite caution. The qualifications and competences of the cosmetic surgeon should always be verified before making a choice.

The results, like for all surgical procedures, will depend on a number of factors. Some of these are directly under the surgeon’s responsibility. They include the surgical technique used, how much is done and how it is done which contribute greatly to the result. The other factors involve the patient’s anatomy. Rhinoplasty involves live tissue with a particular scarring capacity. The consolidation of the bone and how the cartilaginous parts heal after the surgery will also be important to the result. The thicknesses of the skin and sub cutaneous tissue as well as pre-existing fibrosis also play an important part in the results of rhinoplasty surgery.

This is an excerpt on cosmetic surgery and cosmetic medicine taken from the blog by Dr Louafi, a cosmetic surgeon in Paris on cosmetic surgery and cosmetic medicine.

Acts Rates for cosmetic surgery(start at)
Cosmetic medicine
Rates Botox (Botulin Toxin) 290 (starting at)
Rates Hyaluronic Acid 360 (starting at)
Penoplasty rates by injection of hyaluronic acid 1440 (starting at)
Rates Face Lift 5500 (starting at)
Rates for Face Lipostructure 2400 (starting at)
Rates Blepharoplasty Upper Eyelids 1900 (starting at)
Rates Blepharoplasty Lower Eyelids 1900 (starting at)
Rates Upper and Lower Eyelids 3500 (starting at)
Rates primary aesthetic rhinoplasty 4200 (starting at)
Rates Cosmetic Otoplasty (protruding ears) 1700 (starting at)
Rates Genioplasty (chin prosthesis) 3400 (starting at)
Rates Lipoaspiration of the chin 2400 (starting at)
Rates Mammary Prosthesis – Breast Augmentation 4200 (starting at)
Rates Mammary Ptosis (sagging breasts) no implant 4200 (starting at)
Rates Breast Lipofilling 5500 (starting at)
Rates Lipoaspiration (liposuction) 3600 (starting at)
Rates Cosmetic Arm Lift 4700 (starting at)
Rates Cosmetic Thigh Lift 4700 (starting at)
Rates Cosmetic Abdominaplasty 4700 (starting at)
Rates Lipofilling of the buttocks 4500 (starting at)
Male and Female Genital Surgery
Rates Hymenoplasty (hymen restoration surgery) 900 (starting at)
Rates Penoplasty (penis enlargement surgery) 4300 (starting at)
Rates Nymphoplasty (labial reduction surgery) 1700 (starting at)
Acts Rates reparative surgery (Complementary surgical fees starting at)
Rates Breast reduction (Mammary hypertrophy more than 300g per breast) 3400 (starting at)
Rates Breast augmentation (tubular breasts, absence of mammary glands, chronic mammary hypotrophy…) 1900 (starting at)
Rates Acknowledged Gynecomastia, following endocrinal function testing 1500 (starting at)
Rates Mammary/Breast reconstruction personalized quote, may be fully covered by your mutuelle
Rates Dermatological surgery (surgery of cutaneous lesions, skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma…) personalized quote, may be fully covered by your mutuelle
Rates Rhinoseptoplasty after testing and authorization from the national health insurance 4200 (starting at)
Rates Septoplasty (déviation de la cloison nasale…) 2500 (starting at)
Rates Otoplasty (protruding ears of a young child…) 1400 (starting at)
Rates Abdominoplasty, after authorization from the national health insurance for the abdominal apron covering the pubis 3400 (starting at)

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