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Dr Adel LOUAFI is a board certified cosmetic surgeon in Paris registered with the National Council of the Medical Board in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr Adel LOUAFI will give a professional response to your need. He has served as the head of plastic surgery in various surgical departments in hospitals of historical renown in Paris. (Department of cosmetic and reparative surgery of the Saint Louis Hospital in Paris, Department of plastic and paediatric reparative surgery of the Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital). He has taught cosmetic and plastic surgery to surgical and medical students (hospital interns and externs) at the hospital, at the university and the School of Surgery in Paris. Dr Adel LOUAFI practices all the techniques of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic medicine.

Dr Louafi’s curriculum vitae

  • Board Certified Surgeon Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery
  • D.E.S.C Diploma in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Former Head of Surgical Clinic at the Saint Louis Hospital, Paris
  • Fellowship Award Hospitals of Paris
  • Former Practioner of Hospitals of Paris
  • Member of the French College for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
  • Laureate of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris
  • Doctor in Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris
  • Award for Best Communication (J.J.P of France 2005)
  • Diploma in Facial and Neck Anatomy
  • Diploma in Applied Anatomy in Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery
  • Diploma in Microsurgery from the Surgical School of Paris
  • European Inter University Diploma of Medical Lasers
  • Former Visiting surgeon at Harvard Children’s Hospital, Boston, USA
  • Former Visiting surgeon at Albert Einstein University, New York, USA
  • Masters in Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • General Secretary for SNJC (National Syndicate for Young Surgeons)

National Board registration number: 75/73431
Professional and Civil Responsibility insurance: Policy MIC/PLC-04 (SAS Branchet)

My philosophy

Cosmetic surgery is an art at the service of others. A cosmetic surgery consultation is a unique moment of listening and exchange. It is never easy to speak of one’s most intimate complexes. The cosmetic surgeon’s role is to listen to you, answer your questions and respond to your needs as well as provide you with all pertinent information.
Each and every patient is different. There exists not one but many cosmetic surgeries, each one adapted to a particular need, feeling, story and life experience.
To be a plastic surgeon is not only an art but is about rigor and professionalism. It is also a passion for art cannot exist without passion. It requires for one to be a good listener. Speaking of one’s complexes in confidence is a step towards wellbeing, feeling better about one’s body and in one’s mind. This is the first step on this road on which I propose to accompany you gently towards physical and psychological wellbeing. The one cannot exist without the other. The plastic surgeon provides a professional perspective to your need.
Existing technics are modern and allow for natural looking results with maximal security. The surgical act can be perfectly adapted to each particular need. All my patients who undertake plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment are accompanied before, during and after the operation. This is the basis of the trusting relationship that I establish between them and myself.

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