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LIFTING visage après
LIFTING visage avant

A facelift performed by a cosmetic surgeon in Paris is a commonly practiced and sure operation giving natural looking results. The procedure involves cervico-facial lift, frontal and/or temporal lift. A cosmetic surgeon in Paris, specialist in cosmetic facial surgery invites you to discover the rates, fees and before/after photos for mammary ptosis treatment in Paris. Please find here below a before/after photo of a facelift.

1 – What is a facelift?

There are a number of cosmetic surgical procedures of the face that are covered by this term. These include the facial lift, cervical and cervico-facial lift, temporal lift, frontal lift, eyebrow lift, mini-facelift, lift with no scar behind the ear, SMAS or deep muscle lift, sub-cutaneous lift…Every patient is different and each one needs a procedure that is adapted to their particular need. In every case facial lift seeks to reposition and tighten skin that has become loose with age. This procedure can be complemented with a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

2 – How long does the procedure take?

The procedure normally takes one and a half to three hours.

3 – What is the length of the stay at the clinic?

The procedure is ambulatory but may require a one night stay at the clinic.

4 – Is the surgery painful?

The facelift procedure is mildly painful. In the majority of cases simple painkillers are enough.

5 – What mode of anaesthesia is used for a cervico-facial or frontal facelift?

Depending on the type of facelift procedure, different forms of sedation are possible. These include local anaesthesia, simple sedation (without intubation), general anaesthesia, local sedation and anaesthesia… The cosmetic surgeon handling your case will use a form of sedation that is best adapted to you and the procedure.

6 – Is a facelift possible without surgery? How long do the effects of a facelift last? How much younger does a facelift make one appear?

Facelift and cosmetic injection techniques are complementary. Dr. Louafi is an expert in facelift procedures as well as in giving hyaluronic acid and Botox injections. He is therefore in a position to give advice on the procedures best adapted to your situation. The injections can complete the facelift but can never replace it. Results from a facelift are much longer lasting than those from injections and can still be seen many years after the procedure barring any significant change in body weight. It is impossible to quantify the youthful effects of a facelift. A successfully performed facelift gives a natural, youthful and fresh looking face. The signs of age are less visible.

7 – What scars result from a facelift surgery? What is a scar free facelift?

In the cervico-facial procedure the scar curves in front of the ear round the earlobe and up behind the ear before curving gently back into the hair again. The scar will be hidden around your ears or in your hairline. A scar free facelift refers to a procedure that does not leave a scar in the hairline at the back of the neck. The scars in front of and behind the ear are however present.

8 – What are the risks inherent to the facelift surgery?

Performed by a certified plastic surgeon qualified in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in a certified plastic surgery clinic, cosmetic facelift surgery is commonly practiced and is considered a straightforward operation. Like in all surgery complications are possible but rare. These are listed in the information flyer of the French Society for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. If properly managed, complications leave little or no trace. Post operation monitoring is therefore indispensable. Dr Louafi takes care of the post-operative monitoring of his patients.

Specific risks will be detailed and explained during the consultation.

9 – What is a natural facelift?

In the 70s and 80s, the common practice was to pull the skin as much as possible which gave the face a frozen look. Procedures have evolved with time leading to gentler techniques (soft-lift). The objective is to keep the natural aspect of the face while reducing the signs of age. It is of utmost importance that the patient be able to recognize her/himself after the operation. Dr Louafi practices only these new procedures that give better results.

10 – How much does a facelift cost?

The fees for a facelift vary depending on the how much needs to be done, whether or not blepharoplasty and/or Botox injections will be associated to the procedure, mode of anaesthesia among other factors. Very high quotes on the one hand do not necessarily guarantee the best results and suspiciously low quotes on the other hand should incite caution. It is of utmost importance to always verify the qualifications and competences of the plastic surgeon, his titles, his cv, his certification by the board, his ability to practice, what post operation care is included in his quote (who by, where, for how long…). Plastic surgery is strictly regulated in France. This surgery is not covered by the social security.

As an indication, facelift fees start at 6000 euros. The personalized quote concerning the procedure that is given to the patient during pre-operation consultation is contractual and binding. Please find all the rates for cosmetic surgery with Dr Louafi on this website. (Estimated rates from…).

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    1. Iam Sarah from Kuwait
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