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Top 10 questions and answers about arm lift surgery:

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Arm lift surgery, performed by a cosmetic surgeon in Paris is cosmetic or reparative surgery of the arms. Arm lift surgery or dermolipectomy of the arms, rates, cost, photos and social security cover are discussed in the following article. A cosmetic surgeon in Paris, specialist in cosmetic surgery gives simple and clear answers to your questions. Please find here below a before/after photo of arm lift surgery.

1 – What does arm lift surgery involve?

Arm lift surgery is cosmetic or reparative surgery of the arms. It tightens the loose skin resulting from weight loss or age.

2 – How long does the operation take?

Depending on what needs to be done, the procedure takes about 2 hours.

3 – What is the length of the stay at the clinic?

A one or two night stay is normal.

4 – What form of sedation for arm lift surgery?

This procedure takes place under general anaesthesia.

5 – Is arm lift surgery painful?

Arm lift surgery is mildly painful. Should the procedure be undertaken in conjunction with liposuction then there will be more pain. In this case appropriate pain medication will be prescribed. In the majority of cases simple painkillers are sufficient. The operation takes place under general anaesthesia so you will not feel anything during the surgery.

6 – What scars result from arm lift surgery?

This procedure will leave a scar in the crease at the base of the arm. In some cases a horizontal scar in the inner arm may be left too.

7 – What are the risks inherent to arm lift surgery?

Performed by a certified plastic surgeon qualified in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in a certified plastic surgery clinic, arm lift surgery is commonly practiced and is considered a reliable operation. However, important precautions should be taken to ensure maximum safety during the procedure. Like in all surgery complications are possible but rare. These are listed in the information flyer of the French Society for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. If properly managed, complications leave little or no trace. Post operation monitoring is therefore indispensable. Dr Louafi takes care of the post-operative monitoring of his patients.

Specific risks will be detailed and explained during the consultation.

8 – Must a compression garment be worn after arm lift surgery?

Wearing a compression garment may be useful in the month following the operation. Dr Louafi, a cosmetic surgeon in Paris, will advise you on which one to use.

9 – Is it possible to have arm lift surgery in conjunction with liposuction of the arms?

Yes, in certain cases the two procedures may be performed in conjunction with each other.

10 – How much does arm lift surgery cost?

The rates for arm lift surgery vary depending on the how much needs to be done, mode of anaesthesia and its charges, the clinical charges, the length of the stay in the clinic, the qualifications of the surgeon, the charges of the surgeon and the anaesthetist among others. Very high quotes on the one hand do not necessarily guarantee the best results and suspiciously low quotes on the other hand should incite caution. It is of utmost importance to always verify the qualifications and competences of the plastic surgeon, his titles, his cv, his certification by the board, his ability to practice, what post operation care is included in his quote (who by, where, for how long…). Plastic surgery is strictly regulated in France. It is therefore very easy to get information about a surgeon before undertaking this important surgery.

Arm lift surgery can be partially covered by the social security in some cases. Only the surgeon is authorized to present your case for reimbursement. In this case the clinical charges will be fully paid by the social security. You will be left with the complementary surgeon’s and anaesthetist’s fees, which may be fully paid by your mutuelle depending on your contract with them. In the case of partial cover by the social security, the cost of surgical fees vary  and may be fully paid by your mutuelle depending on the contract with them even if the surgery takes place in a private clinic.

As an indication, thigh lift surgery fees start at 4700 euros. The personal quote concerning the procedure that is given to the patient during pre-operation consultation is contractual and binding. Please find all the rates for cosmetic surgery with Dr Louafi at this website. (Estimated rates from…).

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