Top 10 questions and answers about genioplasty and cosmetic surgery of the chin:

genioplastie apres
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Genioplasty, performed by a cosmetic surgeon in Paris is a reliable operation through which the face finds structural harmony. Cosmetic surgery of the chin involves genioplasty on the one hand and liposuction on the other. The specialist in genioplasty and profiloplasty works with precision on the chin. A cosmetic surgeon in Paris, specialist in cosmetic facial surgery invites you to discover the rates and fees for genioplasty in Paris. The cost of the operation has been broken down. Please find here below the principal questions on genioplasty.

1 – What does genioplasty involve?

Genioplasty involves the creation of a strong chin by the implantation of a small prosthesis. It can be performed alone or in conjunction with a rhinoplasty in the case of a profiloplasty.

2 – What does cosmetic surgery of a double chin involve?

This generally requires liposuction of the chin.

3 – How long does the procedure take?

Both genioplasty and liposuction of the chin take about 30 to 45 minutes each.

4 – What is the length of the stay at the clinic?

The surgery is ambulatory (in and out the same day).

5 – What form of sedation is necessary for genioplasty or for chin liposuction?

This can be simple sedation, local or general anaesthesia.

6 – Is genioplasty surgery painful?

Cosmetic surgery and liposuction of the chin are both mildly painful. In the majority of cases taking simple painkillers is sufficient.

7 – What are the risks inherent to genioplasty surgery?

Performed by a certified plastic surgeon qualified in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in a certified plastic surgery clinic, genioplasty is commonly practiced and is considered a safe operation. Like in all surgery complications are possible but rare. These are listed in the information flyer of the French Society for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. If properly managed, complications leave little or no trace. Post operation monitoring is therefore indispensable. Dr Louafi takes care of the post-operative monitoring of his patients.

Specific risks will be detailed and explained during the consultation.

8 – What scars result from cosmetic surgery of the chin?

Dr Louafi uses modern techniques for genioplasty which leave no visible scarring because they are situated inside the mouth on the lower gum.

9 – What is profiloplasty?

This is a cosmetic procedure that involves the face as a whole combining genioplasty and rhinoplasty to redefine the facial profile.

10 – How much does genioplasty cost?

The rates for genioplasty vary depending on the how much needs to be done, mode of anaesthesia and its charges, the clinical charges, the length of the stay in the clinic, the qualifications of the surgeon, the charges of the surgeon and the anaesthetist among others. Very high quotes on the one hand do not necessarily guarantee the best results and suspiciously low quotes on the other hand should incite caution. It is of utmost importance to always verify the qualifications and competences of the plastic surgeon, his titles, his cv, his certification by the board, his ability to practice, what post operation care is included in his quote (who by, where, for how long…).Plastic surgery is strictly regulated in France. It is therefore very easy to get information about a surgeon before undertaking this important surgery that involves the face.

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