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Top 10 questions and answers about mole removal surgery:

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Mole removal surgery, especially facial moles, performed by a cosmetic surgeon in Paris is cosmetic or reparative surgery for small skin lesions. Mole removal surgery by excision must be done skilfully to give aesthetic results. A cosmetic surgeon in Paris specialized in cosmetic surgery explains mole removal surgery.

1 – When should mole removal surgery be done?

This surgery can be done in two cases: if the facial mole is unsightly or if it is suspect.

2 – What is a mole?

A mole is a nevus, which means a group of cells known as melanocytes that give its pigmentation. It may be necessary to excise a mole in order to analyse it.

3 – How is a mole removed?

A mole may be removed very simply using local anaesthesia. The surgery takes about 15 minutes. Dr Louafi a cosmetic surgeon in Paris specializing in cosmetic surgery performs this operation in such a way as to give pleasing natural looking results.

4 – Can a facial mole be excised?

Yes it can if it is unsightly or if it appears suspect.

5 – What is facial melanoma?

This is a form of skin cancer. In this case surgical removal of the mole is imperative. Treatment of this form of cancer requires a multidisciplinary approach.

6 – Does mole removal surgery leave traces?

Mole removal surgery, particularly on the face, requires skill in order to leave as little trace as possible. Cosmetic surgeons are trained in the use of very fine sutures and must always take into account the aesthetic goal of mole removal surgery. In employing fine suture technique very aesthetic results can be achieved in mole removal surgery.

7 – What post operation care should be undertaken after mole removal surgery?

The scar should be protected from the sun (sun block for the first year) and the area should be massaged as soon as the cosmetic surgeon authorizes it.

8 – Is a skin flap necessary in mole removal surgery?

The use of a skin flap may be necessary if the removal of the mole leaves a big crater. The skin flap will ensure that very minimal scaring is left thus giving a more aesthetic result.

9 – What are the risks inherent to mole removal surgery?

Performed by a certified plastic surgeon qualified in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery mole removal is commonly practiced and is considered a sure operation. The aesthetic aspect of the surgery is considered of great importance. Like in all surgery complications are possible but rare. These are listed in the information flyer of the French Society for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. If properly managed, complications leave little or no trace. Post operation monitoring is therefore indispensable. Dr Louafi takes care of the post-operative monitoring of his patients.

Specific risks will be detailed and explained during the consultation.

10 – How much does mole removal surgery cost?

As an indication, mole removal surgery rates start at 250 euros on the body and at 350 euros on the face en the neck . Depending on where the mole is located, the cost can vary.

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    1. I have a mole on my face between my eyes that I feel is getting larger. I have had it removed previously and it has returned. I would like to set-up a consultation to get the mole, surgically removed.